Trabalho Temporário 

Working World - Trabalho Temporário.

The Future.

The Temporary Work constitutes with excellence, as one of the most effective and efficient management of uncertainty with direct impact on Human Resources Management, for permits at any time, the company's rapid adaptation to changing the environment in which it is inserted.

The temporary work is a management tool, properly regulated in Portugal, at the disposal of enterprises, to tackle the structural and situational contingencies increasing frequent in a world in globalized and constantly moving.

Solutions tailored to your needs allowing, among the most:

Easing the Human Resources
Turning fixed costs into variable costs
Adjustment real time business needs
• Recruitment fast, maintaining high quality standards
• Benefit at no charge, from our support.
About us
  • We are a company based in Braga - Portugal, with representation in the Netherlands, consisting of motivated professionals whose work philosophy is facing the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Devote full attention to analyzing the requirements of our customers, their philosophy of work and tasks to be performed by our temporary workers. We are in the market at your disposal to offer you the best and most appropriate solutions for human resources that meet their needs, grace and flexibility of labor. To this end, we are careful in the selection of highly qualified and motivated, with vast experience in their areas.